I`ve Been Here Before

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I`m trying to keep myself together.It gets harder everyday.Right now I`m really scared.I feel like I`m going to lose it.It keeps building up and I`m afraid I`m going to burst.I`ve been having these dreams/nightmares of being confined in a mental hospital.I am so afraid of that.I don`t want to lose control of myself.I try to be happy,I try to laugh along with everyone and pretend that I`m okay.Inside I`m consumed with the darkness inside of my head.I don`t want to be like this.I know there are people who have it way worse than me and I feel guilty for feeling this way.I don`t want to return to where I once was.I don`t think I have the strength to do it anymore.


I do have help.I have a psychiatrist and a therapist and am on meds.

Thank you though.

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