I`m Not Happy And I`m Not Sad

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I couldn`t sleep last night because I had a terrible headache, I think it was a migraine. I`ve been getting headaches all this week. I think they are all caused by all the tension in this house. My Mom is ill, and she had a bad week where she didn`t feel well at all. Now my Mom cannot help being ill but my dad doesn`t make things easier. He is not the most patient man in the world. Everything seems to make him angry,
and I feel like I`m walking on eggshells because I don`t know what`s going to make him angry next. He has his own issues he is a Vietnam vet with I think undiagnosed PTSD. He refuses to get help for it though.

I do the best I can to help out but I`m not well either. I just sometimes don`t have the energy to get a whole lot done. My sisters help out a lot especially since I don`t drive because I`m too nervous. But they also have their own families to look after,

I think the Zoloft has helped my OCD a lot. But it has its own side effects. I read that antidepressants can stop you from feeling mental pain but they can alsp prevent you from feeling pleasure. I often feel numb and flat. It`s sometimes better than feeling anything at all. I guess that`s why I used to self-harm. The physical pain would take away the mental pain for at least a little while. But then those feelings come back, and you have to do it again to feel relief. It`s a never ending cycle when you`re there in that space, Now I just try to get through it day by day.
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Hi Tibby, i hope you are feeling better by now. Have you found a way to deal with the migraine? A lack of magnesium is sometimes mentioned as a reason for it.
Hi cat ! My migraine did finally go away. I do feel better thanks for asking. I will definitely look into the magnesium thing. Thanks for your very kind advice.

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