I love hanging out with the children of the revolution


I hung out with these cuties today. I made this poster last night for their baseball game against The Ninjas. We brought pompoms and wore capes and a cheer to cheer them on, they brought throwing stars and weaponry. I mean I'm not saying our little team doesn't have some issues with aggression, they're just, I dunno. Anyway none of this matters because it traps me in sign seeing world when really I want to be somebodies someone in the real world. I also got someting equivalent to carpal tunnel squeezing the glamourous glue onto the poster board to make their sparkly pants and boots. Oh the things we go through to make kids grin from ear to ear. It's worth it in the end but my brain is beyoned tired and crabby.


Fabulous work; right down to the sparkly pants.

You not only made a poster, you made a happy memory for all these children.
Thanks MD. It was a lot of fun actually. And I got a peanut butter sandwich and a bag of chips out of it. :D

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