I got fired for the first tme ever!

Here it goes!
I have a lot to say and I just want to yell!! :( I normally am not like this But life has hit me hard once again and make me feel as if I have no place here in this huge magnificent gem.. So I do not give up.. I guess this is what I have learned about me.I am not a quiter.
Soooo hard and I am so tired.. done. there is a saying I said today.. Estoy salada.
I am salty.
So I have moved with my wind. bringing me to Redmond Oregon. I was working with a company that was just not giving me enough time. it was all so new here . Still is, since I have been trying to just make things better for myself.It just has been a going all the way Up then a hard hard fall.Life messes with my emotions.. why? I really do not understand. I was working so hard and it was so good that I made it on the top 5 in just a month that I have been there, I was also trusted to work at another store, which they reported back to where I started that They had been really happy with the work I did..I feel humiliated I have never been fired from a job. :( eeeek is everyone going to see this!!? Shite!


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