i found a connector - it's just a reflektor

I got in my car one friday night - drove to my local record shop - and bought 2 real live cd's (arcade fire and beck).
I was transported... I can't remember the last time i bought a cd... it took me back - sitting in the car, peeling off the plastic. popping the cd out of of it's case (ok, well, in the case of arcade fire, pulling it out of it's sleeve...)
popping it in the cd player...
turning up the volume and just driving...
oh the hours I'd spend... the best was at night - when the streets finally cleared up... just jumping on the highway, rolling down the windows, blasting the music - and just going...

god - i missed that.

living with the cd...
learning to love all the songs....
the hours I'd spend...


got tickets (or should I say - got *my* ticket) - to see morrissey in the upcoming shows... thought i'd pop my head around the door here in preparation.... it's been a while.

the more things change, the more they stay the same...


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