Downs and ups...


In the mornings he seems to be okay, eating, peeing, walking around. The later the day, the worse his condition. In the evenings, he gets feverish and tired, breathing fast. I will have to go to my general vets tomorrow, now that we have the diagnosis from the clinic. I fear that his condition will worsen within just a few days. Who would have thought about this two weeks ago? I will ask them for a pain killer, and anything else that might mitigate his condition, even though I already know, that there is not much.

I am glad that he has decided to stay in the scratching post cave to sleep during the day, and not go upstairs, where I can't have an eye on him. I read that they become very clingy, the sicker they get, and really depressed. His widened pupils are another worrying sign. How can I help him?

The only symptoms of his disease that he doesn't show at the moment are vomiting and diarreah. I was told that this is the point to consider euthanasia. Chemotherapy wasn't an issue we talked about this morning, and I am not sure, if I would want him to go through this procedure. Or should I consider it? It seems, in the best case it can lengthen their life by three years, but lymphoma in cats is not curable, unfortunately. And how would that life be, especially with already damaged kidneys?

Still it is very amazing how soft his fur is. He is a lil angel, completely innocent. I am not able to imagine having to put him to sleep, but I know that I have to do that sooner than later. It's impossible...



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