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hey ladss,

I'm always quite serious and dull, but sometimes I just need a good laugh and a "I don't care about anything in the world" mood. Which practically just means punk music. Punk music that's about nothing, just fun! Listening to the Dickies at the very moment.

I like punk. I'd almost say I could be an "indie punker", but I really am against labelling. It's the most stupid thing one can care about. I do get really mad when someone tries to label me. Because labelling doesn't make ANYTHING better, it's no use. Ok, you can find music you'd like better, but why the hell would you label persons? Living beings, because nothing changes more often as humans.

Actually, nothing changes more often as Jelly. Last year I cared about nothing, was totally ranDOOM, invented new words and liked horror movies, AND told myself I was straight edge -no drugs, alcohol, etc-. Now I'm way too serious and do drink some alcohol, and I smoked weed with my mum. And, I don't think I'm very ranDOOM anymore. Except the words I use. Like, ranDOOM, DEADphone, blacula...

Did anybody ever hear of El Chupacabra? It's epic, it means Goat Sucker, it's a vampire like creature that sucks the blood out of animals. I like it, I like mysteries :)

I'm bored now, this entry sucks. But at the moment I don't care, at the moment I want to mosh or something, but I can't. Locked in this house and village..

Cheers dudes! Keep it strange and don't steal my food!! >:I

~Jelly! <3


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