Come, Come, Come, Nuclear Bomb

I live in Europe.
Regardless of Brexit and the establishment of the European Super State, England can't be geo-politically edited out of Europe. It's a region, we're a part of it.
It affects us.
In Rouen, as I am so sure the whole world has heard by now, a church was attacked, a priest slain before his parish,and others seriously injured.
This is cowardice at it's height.
There is no reason to go conjuring up the Crusades to excavate enemies of Islam.
There are plenty that have been cultivated in the last few weeks.
I have said before, and I humbly apologise to anyone that this may offend, but, when I learn that someone is specifically religious, I am learning a multitude of things about them by-proxy.
Given to belief in fairy tales.
Easily manipulated and convinced.
Of below average intelligence, no matter how well educated.
So shit scared of dying, any old fiction will assuage the fear.
I could continue, but it's tedious.
I come from people who fit this format on some level or other.
Either that, or they were all just of a generation that had yet to pose any substantial questioning to the established order of things on very many planes of existence.
At any rate, I said all that to say this:
Something must be done.
At risk is the very essence of a way of life, for which many truly righteous have died.
And a drive for Truth, even if it only lives and breathes in the moment that it pertains to that which we would have it applied.
These are virtuous endeavours.
The imposition of a rule of law that is not in concert with our own values, and the insistence in a belief system that is not only foreign to our own, but stands in direct defiance of our casting away of many antiquated, barbaric, and inhumane practices, is beyond an illogical expectation.
We could not submit to this, even if we were to be defeated.
So, that leaves war.
Because, otherwise, if we launch an attack on our own way of life in the name of safety and security, we lose.
They will have triumphed merely in the alteration of that which we professed to hold as sacred.
Lilly livered Liberals may label it racist, or whatever the PC shaming brigade can summon up to refer to it as, but, these are all the people who would have objected to standing up to Hitler for fear of offending him.
Call these people who and what they are.
Protectorates general of Fascism and Dictatorship.
Murderers of Liberty.
Because they have become everything they abhor in the effort to eradicate that which they claim to abhor.
It's like the image of the snake, circling around to bite it's own tale.
They become that which they hate.
I would have done with the lot of them.
There is a time for bloodshed and revolution.
And the revolution may not always take the shape of The People vs The Government.
Sometimes, it is as simple as The People vs The Thing That Would Take Them Down, whatever that happens to be.
I will not pass this world, as it is, on to my children.
I will do something to impart some change for the better.
My sword seems to be the written word.
So, I will strike with that, in the hopes that any blow I land against the Beast that threatens us all
will strengthen or inspire someone similarly inclined to do what they can with whatever they find their sword to be.


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