call for submissions! morrissey-related or inspired art, music, writing, photos, etc.

timesofgrace;1986637605 said:
hi all. i've posted a couple times about my book-in-progress (only slightly more than an idea and a dream at this point, but getting realer by the day). i'm here now to enlist the help of all of you lovely (and not-so-lovely), talented, creative people .... i need CONTENT :D willing to accept and review any and all submissions , no matter how substantial (or not). please respond here, PM me, or email [email protected] .. this is a book about fans, not about morrissey, and so it's really nothing without your help. thank you thank you!

p.s. multimedia submissions (videos, songs) will be considered for the companion website. also, if you have an interesting story related to morrissey or the smiths, i'd love to hear it; please also feel free to suggest people i should include. on the list already are janice whaley of the smiths project, who i've already been in touch with.. and , obviously, julia, who i haven't contacted yet.


Hey, do you remember me? I wrote you when you about your book.
What ever you need me to do, just let me know.

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