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I fell to sleep so early. 6. I woke up at 10..I feel sad, strangely upset , bitter because of trying to understand people like Dolores O Riordan... Excetera... "Maybe it is all just heartburn!" Dead.. Yes, She is dead at 46 yrs of age!!! Crazy! how lives we set in front of our eyes ears...
Here it goes! I have a lot to say and I just want to yell!! :( I normally am not like this But life has hit me hard once again and make me feel as if I have no place here in this huge magnificent gem.. So I do not give up.. I guess this is what I have learned about me.I am not a quiter. Soooo...
If you really love me, Don't try and change me When you look in the mirror, It's not me you see I don't want what's yours as mine No, I'll never cross that line I want you just the way you are, Cause, boy, you're everything I'm not And that's all I ever wanted If we ever come close...
I am still here... and what I want to say is... That I shall never be done! That I have him in my heart and mind in my skin on my lips and I still can feel his presence is with me! All the time. That I miss him with all my heart! And he took my heart! I give it to him and I never got...

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