2) the human-animal bond

I was looking at some pictures again which had been taken shortly after his death. Hadn't done so for three weeks coz there was simply no time to get into contact with my sadness at the end of the day. Actually, I'm glad I took these pics. Now that I have his ashes here, I need to remind...
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I got his ashes back yesterday. They are all gathered in a little black urn for animals who weighed about 2,5 kilos at the time of their death. The urn is not decorated at all, which is fine with me. I don't need images of paws and hearts and stuff on it. So, the guy at the cemetery gave me a...
It's already been a week since he died. (watching the snow, 2018) This time last week, I was sitting on the sofa, unable to leave his dead body, which was still warm then. I had closed his eyes and cleaned his nose to wipe away the mucus, running out of it slowly but incessantly. It would...
I've made it to the year 2018 today. This will be a very fat photo book, but I don't care. If I don't remember him, nobody will, and he does of course deserve the very best treatment, even post mortem. (This thought makes me hope that his body is treated respectfully at the cremation site. I...
It really hit me hard today. It's been almost 10 years, so that's quite a lot of time, and years are passing by, and suddenly someone you have shared these years with, is gone forever. What does that do to all those shared years? They are now, like your companion, slowly sinking into oblivion...
It's the first weekend after his death, and I have plunged into a very deep sadness today. I am feeling sorry that I couldn't help him, and that he can't help me any longer. Life presents itself devoid of any meaning at all. This seems to be a phase, as everyone says, but I am sure that such...

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