Bliss On A Summer’s Morn

I lingered in bed much longer than I needed to this morning. I had originally woke up five hours before. But it was just one of those mornings too delicious not to sink back into for a while longer.

It was the air. Slightly humid, just thick enough to almost make you believe you could float if you wanted to but not so heavy as to press you down. And the temperature had dropped overnight into the 50s so it was perfect for sleeping nestled under a duvet.

As the sun slowly rose up, bits of light filtered through slits in the window blinds behind my head. Little streams beaming through with specs of illuminated dust creating a warm filtered haze. My room took on a rosy glow as the sun climbed slightly higher. The sweet smell of incense, burned during my bath the night before, still hung in the air.

It was then I became aware of the soft bundle of fur pressed up against me, purring with contentment, lost in her own kitten dreams. Little whiskers tickled my skin with each slow inhalation of her breath. I ran the pads of my fingers over her tummy and she squirmed with delight. Delicate paws batted out in the pretense of fighting off some unseen tummy aggressor.

Suddenly, and without warning, I came to the realization that I was happy. I felt completely relaxed and content. At that moment, all I wished for was present. I was enveloped in the sweetness of the morning and I slipped deeper into it’s comfort and feel back to sleep.


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