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BIG BAND SMITHS - a big band tribute to the Smiths on the occasion of Morrissey's birthday!*
at THE CUTTING ROOM on Memorial Day, May 27, 8 PM.

Help the Titanics (an 11-piece band — 3 horns, violin, guitar, bass, piano, drums + 3 backing vocalists) and guest star singers from all over the NYC performance map (rock, cabaret, Broadway, comedy) wish Morrissey a HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY. In two 8-song sets, BIG BAND SMITHS is a big band-style (swing, blues, bossa nova, etc.) tribute to Morrissey and the Smiths and their beloved songbook. All unloveables are invited out to celebrate. You don’t have to wear black on the outside as long as you feel black on the inside. Guest singers for BIG BAND SMITHS include Jackie Hoffman (Broadway's "Hairspray," "Xanadu"), Molly Pope (cabaret), Clint Michigan (indie rock artist), Pat Johnson (cabaret), Scott Matthew (indie rock artist), Jessica Delfino (comedy), Mike Doughty (solo artist, Soul Coughing) and Eric Schwortz (Nature Cruise).*

Check in on our Facebook Event Page:

Doors 6:30 / Show 8 PM
Tickets: $15 adv / $20 door*
The Cutting Room:
address: 44 E 32nd St, NYC 10016
tel: 212-691-1900
Advance tickets:

Limited edition t-shirts:
Destroy Hipsters ( has printed limited edition t-shirts—see image below—for the Big Band tribute. They can be pre-ordered (so we don't run out of your size) at

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