Best Birthday Ever!


Touchdown! Airport in Honolulu.


Holy Waikiki that's cold!


Ok, I'm good now.


Windy! Diamond Head in background.


Rented a car and drove up the coast to North Shore. One of the stops along the way.


Best son ever!


What a sweet time you had ! Thanks for the pictures and sharing the personal note from David. I agree with his 2nd sentence !
Doing well and still in Ohio . I'll keep the state neat and tidy if you ever want to come back home . I don't visit this site as much as I have in the past however, when on Moz solo I always check your writings . Thank you for keeping it going all these years
Glad you still stop by. Nice to hear from a familiar voice. Been writing my blog for 13 years this month. I too am glad I kept up with it. It is evidence that people can and do change.
Happy Belated Birthday!
I was traveling that same day to Belfast from Manchester.
Up the Northwest Coast of England and Scotland, through the Lakes, and then across the Irish sea by ferry.
It was really phenomenal.
I was meant to be on my way to Dublin, then to Boston, Atlanta, then home. I lost my passport and the Consulate STILL haven't responded or sent my document.
VERY expensive mishap.
I was so moved by David's card! What a sweet lad you have!
Hope you are well and that this year is filled with all the very best things life has to offer!

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