Back In The Saddle

Fixed computer came back today. And I have to recreate everything I had. I've gotten used to this from work. Still, painful.

I've also got a new dog. Rescued from the Humane Society. Wonderful little 3.5 year old terrier. Great guy. We go everywhere together. To the pub, dog park, walks, stores, everything. He was an outdoor dog but indoors now. No problems what so ever. His name was Happy, which we liked and kept. Now everyone says "oh my <such and such> had a dog named Happy". I'd never heard of such a thing. Small world.

On our long walks I take my Smiths/Morrissey iPod to continue working through all the shows to grade them. It sure makes time fly. 1983, 1991 and 2006 are done and I'm most of the way through 1992.

Gotta love this life. Except my kid puking on the couch. And the dog trying to eat it. And the flying goose that shit on me at the dog park. And the dead hard drive. But other than that, excellent.


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