Baby Shower Card

Greeting cards used to be designed as keepsakes. Homemade cards are even more precious.

The women my mother worked with made their own baby card for her by typing their names on a satin ribbon and glueing a little penny that had the year I was born (don't dare ask what year.) All I can say is that it still exists today in an old photo album perfectly preserved.

That's why it is comforting to note that fine quality greeting cards have not gone out with the rotary phone. I went to a fine stationery/candy store in Montclair, NJ recently and found this little beauty by the good folks at Papyrus:

It's approximately a 5 in x 5 in folded and I would say about 110lb cardstock. The front actually has two cards glued together with an oval window displaying some ultra soft material with stitched thread depicting a little ducky. The little polka dots on the card look to me like metalic gold ink scribbled like from a fine pen. There is also some threaded trim glued to the bottom for the hell of it.

Inside is glued a sheet of 30lb beige stock with the printed message: "A warm welcome to your sweet little one."

The card came with an envelope and a gold hummingbird seal. You would thing a card like this would be expensive but compared to the usual greeting cards, it was not that much more.

It's going to my cousin who is having her first baby. Hope she has enough sense to enjoy this.


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