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First off, throbbing anus. Wakes me up from a dead sleep, then I think, "Okay another day of this, I can handle it." I pay hundreds of dollars, and I'm not rich, HUNDREDS of dollars a year to insure my dogs eat the most quality food, the main reason to keep my dog BARNEY from itching. Corn...
But you know back when I was writing all those lame posts about symbolism thinking Morrissey and I were on the same page and then YOR was released and he sang all these songs about being alone, and whopee fate just handed it to me and all that? I'm pretty sure if he did see me haunt him that he...
Isis scoured the world looking for osirises parts, especially his weener. :D
Who hates reading masks at an awards ceremony? *hugs* I think My darling Socorro, the way you roll your rrrrrr's. :p Love.
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My friend told me an interesting story today, this is the kind of stuff I hear all the time that makes me think I'm not alone in life. She drove a Volkswagon Cabrio, it's a convertible. Her boyfriend, today her husband, was sick with the flu or something and she stopped at the store to get him...
So around 11 am I call my dad who lives down the street from where I'm housesitting today and ask him what he's up to. He's kind of a troglydyte, he hates leaving his house for any reason other than going to the grocery store. But he starts telling me that he has to go to OSH which is a hardware...
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