And When I Fell On The Floor

I have never been a drinker.
I have always put this down to the fact that I've been an Olympic puker my whole life and
just couldn't keep it down long enough to justify the effort required to be a successful drinker.
This puts me at odds with my English lineage.
My American family were religious types,(obviously), so, no one in the family drank either.
Except my "Irish" grandmother, who, turns out, was only terribly English in the first place,
just the ginger variety, with maternal ancestry of Kilpatrick nature.
On that side, my Great-great Grandfather and his brother, born in Gloucester and London, respectively, apparently entered the US at the turn of the 20th Century, no less than three times, using aliases and varying countries of origin on ship manifests, for what could have only been "interesting" reasons.
That's the shady side of my maternal line.
No doubt, where I get my black sheep behaviour!!
They went on to be preachers in little Southern towns, and gave birth to big shots who ran coal towns and moonshine in fast cars. They were good-looking, loaded, and above suspicion so they never got caught. And fortunately, prohibition didn't last ALL that long!
I had the most gorgeous black and white photo of my sixteen year old Nanny and her cousin, topless under some denim overalls, standing in rows of high cotton, drinking bottled cokes.
Would have made the greatest ad campaign!
The last week or so, I've discovered Champagne in a way that I had never previously understood it.
I've had a bottle to myself, per evening, and no headache, no hangover, no unpleasantness whatsoever. In fact, it's been pure, numbed up bliss.
I've also been drinking aloe juice, which has bits of plant material in the juice.
And it's really good with tukmaria seeds that have been rehydrated into what looks like pale caviar.
My other recent fetish is freshly baked naan bread from a friend's restaurant. If I had these treats daily for the rest of my life, I would be such a happy and contented lass.

Whilst I have no intention of becoming an alcoholic, I can totally see going on little binges where I indulge in a few evenings of bubbly bliss once in a while. The only other drink that has held any remote promise for me is Absinthe. When I first got to Europe, it was high on my to-do list, so I got about it straight away and loved it! Again, no headaches, no hangovers, that's a requirement with me! I cannot be bothered otherwise.
I am a pleasure seeker. I've been visited with so much agony that I don't even feel hedonistic about it. My tendency to seek pleasure or relief is just not something I will ever apologise for. I am never departed from my awareness, which is nothing short of a cruel and unusual state of being. I never have to hear about my behaviour from anyone else, I always have a running tally of the score. I don't see how releasing the pressure valve is doing anything but good in my case!


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