A jewel of vision...

The sky was thick and looked like snow. Here is the weekend, rolling out like froth atop a cappuccino...

Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I'll glance out the window and see the guy in the next building washing his dishes. Somehow it makes me feel less alone. My flat is upstairs, his is downstairs, and he's always got the blinds halfway up. Less alone, but at a distance.

Once, I looked out the window as I was cleaning, just to take a break and see the trees, and I accidentally saw him nude. Amusingly, he was standing nude at the oven, cooking his dinner. He is very slim and beautiful, but I didn't let my gaze linger, lest it intrude upon his sacred space.

I was reminded of a line from a DH Lawrence novel, something about the pure white flame of solitude (or chastity), I can't remember now. Been years since I read him. There was something so pure about it. Like marble.


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