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The Grammy Awards were on Sunday night, (2.14.11). I generally don't watch them, but this year, I was mildly curious. The show was rehaulded a few years back to focus primarily on performances and less on the Best-Animal-or-Vegetable-Featured-on-a-Long-Playing-Movie-Soundtrack type presentations...
Oh so I've not been on here in forevah. Loving the blog option. Hmmm a website dedicated to Moz and the ability to blog away. Sounds good to me. :) So, I'm going to Europe next month. France. I'm thinking about taking ze train over to Manchester. I've been to the UK 1x, but I didn't go to...
Some of us are so thick with talent, it's almost impossible to spread ourselves too thin. We are gifted with an endless supply of unbridled ability and a drive that keeps us moving fast forward. In the entertainment world, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Knowles come to mind. Both are triple—maybe...
Well that's just charming. I don't look at the site for ten days, I come back and suddenly my identity has been stolen and ten years of glorious blog...I mean, journal...writing has been erased. It was my tenth anniversary this year. And now ten years of my life are gone. Just like that...
I don't know why I love the Academy Awards so much. Maybe it is because I really love movies. And this time of year is like Christmas for film buffs. We are flooded with a wide selection of great films. And there is this feeling--a sense of urgency and obligation to see them all. It's as if we...
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