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It looks like a beard. A very trusting beard. :straightface:
Soooo. Here's my question. Actually I'm going to hide it so normal people don't see it as it;s a crazy question.
Hello. This is officially my first "blog" here on Morrissey-Solo. As opposed to my more personable "journal entry". At least it was more personable to me. But as all of us know well..things change, and have to change, whether we want them to or not. :( Bleh. Well, sorry i haven't been...
I don't mean to tell anyone how to do their job, but this is the part where if it's your job to protect a super special cup from falling into the wrong hands, then it's time to do something drastic.
Greeting cards used to be designed as keepsakes. Homemade cards are even more precious. The women my mother worked with made their own baby card for her by typing their names on a satin ribbon and glueing a little penny that had the year I was born (don't dare ask what year.) All I can say...
Wonderful calender Kate! Couldn't stop laughing, worth every penny. May and November are my favorite months, so far. Thanks. (not too late to do a Johnny calender ;))
Was feeling under the weather on friday.I just couldn`t get out of bed.So I stayed there all day.I guess it my depression getting the best of me. Went to see my psych on wednesday.My last appointment with him will be next month.It`s going to be weird not seeing him anymore.He said he didn`t...
Due to my lack of finding full-time work, I recently took up a hobby. It all started with my purchase of a Canon MP560 with print, scan and copy capabilities. Just as a goof, I printed out some digital photos on good photo paper and to my astonishment, really liked the results. The...
Okay. So I worked at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore for eight years. The entirety of that eight years my boss was a man named Mike Beals. I got to know Mike's patterns and hang-ups and work modes in order to be a good worker when I needed to and a decent slacker when I could get away with it. I...
So long as he touches his own work, makes new work, tours, repackages, directs, organizes, whatever, he is molding great, golden work. He has the brawn for golden work, his cosmic cahooter, (ahem) has the brain to piece it together. He has the brains too, NORMAL people see that and know that he...
I hung out with these cuties today. I made this poster last night for their baseball game against The Ninjas. We brought pompoms and wore capes and a cheer to cheer them on, they brought throwing stars and weaponry. I mean I'm not saying our little team doesn't have some issues with aggression...
Purely hypothetically, of course. Booking Entertainment, whose website has Morrissey listed as a client, seems to indicate that you can hire him for private events. So, this has me thinking, if enough tickets could be sold, a venue hired, and insurance was actually affordable for the...
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