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Washington, DC (Feb. 28, 2000)

Getting beat up

Posted By: MDB <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, Mar. 1 2000, at 4:13 a.m.

When you go to see a hard rock show there's lots of moshing going on. It's fun and only people who want to end up with aching limbs and bruises mosh. Also there's the phonomenon that if you fall down no one will step on you no matter how crowded it is. I rationalise that it's all for fun. At Moz everyone's life would be complete by touching his hand or a hug on stage, so everyone and their mother decides to rush. Well the rule on Monday night especially, more so than Sunday, seemed to be that if you wanted to get onstage, you had to go over my head. Unfortunately I'm only 5'4" and didn't have a lovely boyfriend to protect me like the girl next to me (he sang beautifully into her ear as well). Point is, I got kicked in the face three separate times, once maliciously (I was trying to duck). Mind, I was right up front, just one person between me and the barrier. The guy against the barriar next to me decided every fifteen minutes to take advantage of the fact that he was huge and so would push the entire tightly packed crowd back, seriously hurting some people. Anyway, while one of the crowd surfers was attempting to get to Moz during shoplifters he stopped atop my head because he had no clue what he was doing and the bouncers were pretty sick of dealing with the BS. I was ducked but he continually kept kicking my face, finally he sort of fell down and there was no room for him, everyone sort of fell back, I fell on the ground and people were standing atop me. With 100 0 people crushed onto the floor of 930 there was no room even for anyone to put their arms down once they got up, let alone someone be on the floor, and no one cared and people simply stood on me. I was screaming and kicking, trying like hell to get up. Finally some people who were standing near me helped me up but I was a mess. Then some guy behind me pushed me (he was 6'5" and about double my weight) and I turned and went ballistic on him. He was really scared. I caught a cigarette Moz threw out, but I couldn't get my arms down to put it in my pocket. A few songs later (during November spawned a monster) someone just grabbed it from me like a kindergardener.

Yeah it was a great set and there's nothing like being right up front where the Man is at a show, but Mozzer fans are too self centred to look out for each other. Yes, everyone is there to touch him, and yes, everyone has a personal relationship with him, not the other fans, but people were so rude. I waited in line for eight hours and there were people right behind me at the show who I didn't even see in line, they must have just pushed up from the back, doubtlessly very rudely and causing more than a few bruises.

I'm not saying that there has to be the commraderie found at a Phish show, or people have to be sedate, but these mild-mannered fans turn into backstabbing heartless pricks just for a chance to get near the man. Ironically this puts the few muscly Moz fans at a huge advantage when the majority are scrawny, hungry types who sacrifice their limbs for a time to touch the man. We're all united by a common goal, I mean come on! it's an east coast show, not west coast, why are people so terrible up front occasionally? It was the worst the second night of all the shows i went to this tour than anywhere up front, but maybe that's just from my particular experiece.

If you're the @#!!! who was crowdsurfing over me, I wish you death. If you're the people who helped me up off the beer-encrusted disgusting 930 club floor I will bestow upon you strange sexual favours in gratitude.

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