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Washington, DC (Feb. 28, 2000)


Posted By: MLU
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 29 2000, at 4:34 p.m.

Well CD and myself drove to the DC show last night. We were there very early and so we waited on line for 5 hours, never sitting down on the street, because thats how you get tetnicse(sic), or so I imagine. ANyway we go inside now and after an hour, the opening band "S Divine" announce they won't be playing because someone, somewhere is sick. Oh well, maybe Morrissey will come out early, no luck, he comes on at 9.30, anyway. By this point my feet and I imagine everyone elses is hurting, even now a day later they still hurt. The crowd is begining to swell. We are three rows back slightly right of center and little by little we are pressed into the persons in front of us. And the show hasent even started. There are all this little dwarf women, very obviously prying through to get closer to the stage. I'm thinking little people shoudnt be allowed up so close, because they are only going to get crushed and killed, and you feel guilty about it, buts that just my opinion. Then again before the show starts, this stupid white kid, very ugly with dreads, he looked destined for homelessness begins pushing Chris and I. I push him back and he says something like "join the navy, get killed in Norway", it probably wasnt so witty but it sounded as werid. Once Morrissey comes on stage wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, I scream in the kids ear and push him, he starts bemoaning "Why you pushing for?". I've never been so happy to be 6'1 and 240 pounds. As the night goes on this runt moves up and I move back, a younger me would have assualted him, but this older me has to be content pushing him, but to be honest I'm not. Such is the night, Morrissey plays the usual, the hour seeming very short. He played 4 Smiths songs, I thought that was very rare and he played lost. He spoke a bit, the best thing said was dedicating November spawned a monster to Maria Carey. Hehehe. I threw three good cigarettes at Morrissey, because its all I had, he caught one, picked up one, ignored the other. Someone made a sign "Crash into my arse", I didn't think that was clever but Morrissey grabed it and showed it around. I was the kid holding the lighter during Meat is Murder. CD was very bothered by all the kids pushing and acting like kids. I understand what he meant, but I didnt mind the mindless pushing only the complaining from these little people. That and these crowd surfers, who all seem to be fat slobs, crushing and kicking 20 people as they fall head first to the ground. Really swaying or pushing back and forth is one thing but falling ontop of someones head is just wrong. Aside from that white kid, whom hopefully was hit by bus, or will be, the crowd was bearable. White, jean cuffs rolled up, doc martins, little poetry books, very, very, very predictable. Ahhh I can't stand white people, specially teenage white kids. You should have seen all the @#!!!ing garbage these kids left on the street where we were waiting online. Bags and bags of crap. And we were in this poor run down area of DC and these useless white kids got to @#!!! it up more. Ahhh that bothers me, especially with the flowerlike, intellectual, civilized stance these kids then take, but the truth is they are just pigs. ANyway the show, was good. I had great fun, went to sleep tired after a day well lived. Thanks to CD for driving the entire way, I would have driven back, but I'd have fallen asleep and killed us both and who wants that. Besides All of you. ANYWAY those are my thoughts

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