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Portland, OR (Feb. 2, 2000)


Posted By: Nicky Wire
Date: Thursday, Feb. 3 2000, at 8:14 a.m.

Just returned home from the Portland show. Moz is fantastic, however, I must say that after having attended Coachella and both Vegas shows it was a slight let down. He was amazing, but not as gloriously heroic as he is capable of being. Nothing wrong with
him really, I think it had more to do with the small stage. He didn't seem to have quite enough room to flail around and loose it to the music (Suede reference--sorry). The crowd were very energetic (at times violently so) and appreciative and were especially demonstrative of their love for the man during the Smiths numbers.
Set list? Well, it didn't differ too greatly from Spokane with the exception of "Shoplifters" and "Heir Apparent" being omitted and
replaced with "Lost" and what else?.....I can't recall. Someone will post the full listing. I have to add that he performed a special version of "Now My Heart Is Full". The first half was all acoustic (Boz) with Morrissey crooning in a very soft, angelic voice. The second half broke into the usual more powerful arrangement. It was absolutely lovely.

Morrissey came out in his brownish(?) blackish(?) velvet jacket and proceeded to change into his various t-shirts (English Martyrs and West Ham). Oh, and also a white button up long sleeve.
I must also mention something about the opening band. Let's not mince words, they were pathetically vile, horrendously awful, and really quite inadvertenly funny to watch. I was able to catch that they are from Seattle. Seattle, I pity you. Two dolled-up, wannabe
supermodel tarts backed by two lame refugees from The Gap, and a
little toad on keyboards. Let's play funky, poppy, pseudo hip hop
when we open for Morrissey, Ya!
"Get off the stage/oh, get off the stage", we sang in unison. We're mean, but hey folks, they sucked.

Back to more cheerful topics, my girlfriend and I brought a little gift for him that we managed to throw on stage. It was a Spanish
dictionary and phrase book called "Easy Spanish". He picked it up, looked at it, and then to our immense delight, held it up to the audience and said, " now here's something I really need." Yes!!!!!
Overall, it was a very, very good night. Bye.

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