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Portland, OR (Feb. 2, 2000)

Moz has left the Roseland

Posted By: ted <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Feb. 3 2000, at 7:41 a.m.

Great show in "intimate" venue. Better set list than Spokane too.
Moz looked a little more wrinkled than I remember in 1997, but had more energy than the crowd.
He swung a banana between his legs during the "urinal" line of Boy Racer. During some song, he padded down his treasure trail, then his package, then his ass. His tongue was anywhere but in his mouth. He wore one "English Martyr" and three "West Ham" tees, all sacrificed to the raucous crowd. The only time we hushed was during "Lost" and "I Can Have Both," to which Moz said repeatedly, "You don't know these."
His voice really brought "Lost" to life, I song I never listened to much. And "Half a Person," almost a soliloquy on record, became an anthem live, with the crowd singing along.
He made several slams against Beck. When someone screamed "@#!!! Beck," he replied, "No thanks."
Only two fans made it on stage, very briefly, during "Last Night . . .," a song which didn't make the transition live, I think.
Here's the full set list:
Boy Racer
Reader Meet Author
November Spawned a Monster
Half a Person
Swallow on my Neck
Break Up the Family
Meat is Murder
Alma Matters
Is It Really so Strange?
The Teachers Are Afraid . . .
I Can Have Both
Now My Heart is Full
Last Night I Dreamt. . . .

P.S. One of the songs during the intro mix tape was "The Day the World Turned Dayglo" by X-Ray Spex, a great late 70's punk band with unforgettable vocals by Poly Styrene.

P.P.S. The opening band was pretty much booed off the stage. A terrible choice by the House of Blues people. The less said the better.

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