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Portland, ME (Feb. 21, 2000)

The Maine Event *grin*

Posted By: Steve "The Lightning Man" <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2000, at 4:48 p.m.

Well, it was certainly worth waiting 15 years to see him up close. I'm still flabbergasted that I was only 10 feet away from The Man Himself. The banter with the crowd was great....I was greatly amused when he said "Good evening Port-Hole". Yeah, the State's a dive-looking rat-hole, but it was SO cozy in there!

The Shiela Divine were a great opener. I was very impressed with them, as I normally hate opening acts. I'll be looking them up in the future.

The three lipstick lesbians making out over my shoulder were a minor distraction from the show, but by far the most surreal moment came before I was even in the door.....my ex & her husband happenned to be standing behind me in line. Now, I hadn't seen her since the day she left me in May 1994, and it wasn't quite as un-nerving as I expected to see her with the guy she left me for. My wife glibly asked if I wanted her to go beat her up.

The sound was FANTASTIC. Anyone else amused by how much Boz looks like Charlie Sheen? Alan's quip that "That list isn't funny anymore" about the VH-1 list (which Moz lambasted) was clever, if not a bad pun. The set list was great, although I really wanted to hear Now My Heart is Full and Tomorrow. I hope my pix turn out okay, although I hold very little hope. It was also cute how Moz changed the lyrics as his mood suited. (Example on Hairdresser "..and when he said I'm gonna screw you, well I felt so happy for you..."

And YES, I was the goofball that yelled "PLAY FREEBIRD!!!" as Shiela Divine took the stage. It's a tradition dating from the 1994 Depeche Mode show in Boston. I couldn't resist.


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