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Pittsburgh, PA (Feb. 17, 2000)

Re: What a bunch of pathetic lackeys!!

Posted By: Amber Renner <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Feb. 24 2000, at 2:13 p.m.

In Response To: What a bunch of pathetic lackeys!! (Jeremiah)

Bravo this letter was damn near exactly what i wanted to hear and to say . I went to chicago for his last tour i drove all the way to chicago from pittsburgh to see him because he didnt come here and for that eight hour drive i got to see about twenty minutes of him before he walked off stage with no such word as to why , no explination. But you know what it was the ignorant home-towners that were chanting "morrissey sucks" . I was appauled that they would be so quick to turn on their beloved. I got more insulted by their display than his . Then Lo and behold he comes to pittsburgh we are all in such disbelief and my brother is in tears because he has loved him for so long and has never seen him so of course we run to get tickets, then we run back to exchange then when it all changes. Then we drive the 45 minutes into the city excited beyond compare , and then when get lost for another 45 minutes because pittsburgh is a giant maze when you are excited,and we had never been to aj palumbo. when we arrive we are so excited a half hour before its suppose to start and we try to part and the guy at the parking place tells us the fabulous news. So the hell what if people get pissed i am so tired of putting faith in a singer that obviously doesnt give a @#!!! sometimes . I love him dont get me wrong but i question his true character now more than ever he lost a little something in these fiascos . But if they have rescheduled you better da*&ed well believe i will be there because above all i love his music .

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