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Pittsburgh, PA (Feb. 17, 2000)

What a bunch of pathetic lackeys!!

Posted By: Jeremiah
Date: Monday, Feb. 21 2000, at 12:28 a.m.

I have read so many ignorant comments in the past few days about the people in Pittsburgh who were upset when the show was cancelled. How they should quit whining, get over it, equating the cancellation to someone calling off sick from work, and (this is the BEST one) how we should 'be grateful for the consideration we have gotten'. WELL, I guess that you guys told us!! How shameful we Pittsburghers are!! I'm sure many of us are prostrate in front of a poster of Morrissey at this very moment, begging Him to forgive us for being so petulant...

The fact is that, while the anger of the Morrissey critics (who were upset about the last-minute cancellation) may have been expressed rather immaturely (probably in the heat of the moment), it's much more valid and correct than the crap that you people are giving them -- most of whom have no frame of reference to give such criticism.

While I have no idea who Gary Lanning, or any of the other folks are who were upset, at least they had the courage to express a legitimate feeling -- something which many of the folks on this site are apparently afraid of. As soon as anything is posted which is remotely critical of Morrissey, the sycophants come out of the woodwork to call them names (even criticizing grammar & spelling -- gee, what are you, debate captain at your grade school?) and make sure the holy name of Morrissey is not besmirched.

I have been a fan of Moz at least as long, if not longer, as any of you, but the fact is that whether he was really sick or not, what he did in Pittsburgh Thursday evening was just RUDE, and totally inconsiderate of the people (not just Pittsburghers, and many of whom travelled a long way at great expense) who took time out of their lives for him. Most people that I talked to aren't upset because he cancelled, they are upset because he cancelled a half-hour before the show was supposed to start! If he had cancelled earlier in the day (something that could have easily been done if he was really sick) I don't think it would have been as big of an issue. While the first time was forgiven, it definitely wasn't forgotten, and to do it again (legitimately or not) was more than a lot of people were willing to put up with, no matter how admired he is.

No matter what many of you say, it is NOT like calling off sick for work -- it's more like showing up at your date's door to have him or her tell you "I'm not going -- I'm sick". If you like them enough, your'e willing to forgive, but if they do it enough you start to take the hint...

What bothers me more than the cancellation is the criticism that these folks (who were upset) have been subjected to by the 'superiors' on this board who would never dare to criticize the great Morrissey. The current tour sounds great, and I'm glad that you all are having a great time at the shows, but how would you have felt if you had shown up in Hamilton or Boston or Chicago or wherever you had seen him to find a sign on the door saying it had been postponed? And then to come back ten years later to have the same thing happen? I'd like to hear you say 'get over it' then...

The fact is that, yes, his music is great and yes, he IS only human. And being human, he is as capable of being inconsiderate and ill-mannered as any of us. And that's what happened Thursday night. Fortunately, he apparently has an army of little yes-men (and women) puppets on this message board who are ready to defend his every slight, so that he can now become the type of prima-donna rock star that he used to rail against. And as far as Gary Lanning and the rest of them who were upset, they are the ones who SHOULD come to the rescheduled shows (which I actually don't think are going to happen), because they are the ones who were slighted, whether it was intentional or not. They shouldn't be punished for showing real emotion and not just being forgiving 'robots'. So go ahead, you Morrissey toadies, criticize away on this one -- just make sure your spelling and grammar are correct!!

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