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New York, NY (Feb. 29, 2000)

Sightings and songs

Posted By: MrOnion <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Mar. 2 2000, at 5:16 p.m.

I just came across this board while meandering through the site, so here are my tardy impressions:

- Our party chose dinner over the opening act (how were they?) and, as a result, found ourselves casually strolling down 75th St. at about 8:45pm or so. Looking across the street, I noticed a group of no more than 10-15 people loitering around an open door. Large, bouncer-type men took up most of the entrance way, and I figured I was merely witnessing a line forming to get into one of those secretive NYC clubs that are too posh to even have signage. Never one to deny a curious urge, from across the street I peered more closely inside the club to have a look at how these covert institutions decorate themselves. Right when I uttered to myself "what the hell is a dumpster doing in a club?", a black Lincoln town car quickly pulled up to the entranceway. What ensued was one of those silent "nooooooooo" moments that occur in slow motion when you've been duped by a movie or life itself.

The door of the car was opened with vigor, producing what my first impression deemed to be "some dude with tremendous sideburns." "There he is," I casually remarked to my two female companions, who were quickly reduced to subconscious ramblings of "is that? omigod! oh my god, it is!" etc.

Anyway, to finish this little book, we watched him saunter into the side entrance of the Beacon to light, intermittent clapping. He seemed almost reticent, flashing a closed-mouth, awkward smile and bow of the head. He seemed to pause at the entrance, considering perhaps to shake a fans hand, but was then quickly whisked inside. I then proceeded into the theater, laughing at myself, with two formerly composed women floating my my side.

- Aside from our little pre-concert moment, the remainder of our experience was quite mortal. We sat in the Beacon's upper stratosphere, where the acoustics seemed to suffer greatly. I wished I had plugs with me, as I was truly able to hear the nuances of Morrissey's voice with my fingers shoved in my ears. (Should've wadded up some TP during my various forays to the restroom, but my mind was on avoiding wetting myself during those tense moments. Funny how quickly $6 beers come and go).

- I wish *everyone* danced during a Morrissey show.

- I've seen several references to his encore of "Drive In Saturday" by David Bowie. I can see the point of many who haven't heard the song before, but I was rather pleased having been a lifelong Bowie fan. So, I sang the song as a duet, and found no gaffes on his part as he requested. For those who wondered about the 'Internet' reference, he replaced the last word of the line: "Cursing at the astronet" with internet. So, those of you who were galled at his recognition of that medium might find salve in the way in which he did it.

- Loved the show, need to see more.


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