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New York, NY (Feb. 25, 2000)

Re: MorrisseyChatter, etc.

Posted By: Nick Seriously
Date: Saturday, Feb. 26 2000, at 7:08 p.m.

In Response To: MorrisseyChatter, etc. (Lifeguard Sleeping)

Lifeguard . . . great show, huh? My back was probably holding you up . . . as your elbows shook hands with my kidneys.

The "David Johannsen" ass (who smelled) . . . who caused the surge on the left side, just inside of the speaker, cutting into the front . . . was clearly a friend of Morrissey's because,just before he inquired about the haircut, Moz made a hand signal towards his own head and face (a circular motion) and whispered to the guy "why". Later both Boz and Gary signaled to the guy that he should hook up with them later. One ugly, obnoxious dude . . . thank goodness I eventually had a body in between him and me.

As for the "Howdy Doody" . . . he said: "Tony Dooley" or "Tony Newley". The latter could be a reference to Anthony Newley . . . the former probably a Brit soccer player, writer or politician.

Hoboken? I thought he said Brooklyn? Well, Moz' response is the important part . . .

He also made several references to his remarkable body and how we all were jealous.

Before "Strange" . . . he said, "The lyrics to this song were written well before I was born. IT'S THAT OLD." Shaking his head and hand in clear disbelief over how old the song really is. He was not faking his amazement . . . he seemed legitimately disturbed.

Couple of cool gestures: the thrown back head thing from the Intro. Morrissey video-ending (he did this numerous times), pretending to reach out for a fan and drawing the hand away at the very last moment possible . . . ever so close, pulling a couple of fans on stage and stairing at his hand intently after touching their's . . . marveling at the sweat, and pretending to stab a fan over and over again (over on the right hand side) while the fan was reaching for his hand.

After Boxers, in reference to "will time ever pass" . . . he said "It will." Then walked away and returned to the mike and said, "And next week Limp Bizcit".

In reference to MTV, VH-1: "As you know, we do not have a label. And as you can see, we have been on MTV and VH-1 a lot lately. (Pause) Well, we're still waiting."

He thanked the crowd profusely throughout . . . .

Meat is Murder began with "This song is about our basic moral (pause). . . obligations."

I will think of more. Enjoy.

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