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Minneapolis, MN (Feb. 8, 2000)

the quest club, minneapolis

Posted By: vu sleeper
Date: Thursday, Feb. 10 2000, at 12:17 a.m.

Hi Dave ! Hope you are well !


Opening band: The Cultivators

"Hello Funniepolis"

Boy Racer

"Welcome to my living room"

Billy Budd

"Who was Roy Wilkins, anyway? It's not as if he's some politician who
ended up on the obituary."

Alma Matters

"Yes nice hat. Thank you. They follow me everywhere I go."
[to Julia Riley]
"Are you okay ? I just want to know"
[takes a letter from someone]
"I'll keep it private"

Reader Meets Author

[first chorus goes, "Reader meets Riley"]
"Stop breathing ! It's getting hot in here. That's as funny as I get."

Is It Really So Strange

"I've really grown old since the last time I was here."

Hairdress On Fire

"Thank you for remembering the old folk. I do appreciate it."

November Spawned A Monster

"Thank you, thank you. Does anyone have a hair dryer?"

Break Up The Family

"Thank you"

A Swallow On My Neck

"What do you mean by that ? This is for everyone who believes in good
old fashion meal"

Meat is Murder

"Anyway, I want to get serious... I can have both, but I don't"

I Can Have Both

"Whoever gets the shirt, gets me. Whoever gets me, would have rather
have the shirt. You know, I am the merchandise. You can't buy it at


"Thank you for applauding my ability to sing off key. It's very

The More You Ignore Me

The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils

"How many people here have to go to work tomorrow ? Hahahaha."

Now My Heart Is Full

"You know some say I'm too good for MTV. How very nice then."

Last Night I Dreamt

Shoplifters Of The World Unite

"Goodnight, I love you"

recycled papers

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