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Mexico City, Mexico (Mar. 24, 2000)

Moz, Morrissey you Wonderful one!

Posted By: Fanz <[email protected]>
Date: Saturday, Mar. 25 2000, at 8:06 a.m.


I arrived late. It was 8:40 and It could not see a f... parking lot. Fortunately It was a place for me. I ran into the Auditorium, I checked my ticket and I found my place, seat b41. I didn't take my seat, I ran to touch the stage and spend all the concert there. I was standing on the first line. Wow wow wow wow!
I could'nt believe I was in the first line on the right side from the stage. I screamed, I dreamt, I sang, right now I'm exahusted. This night was one of the most beautiful night I ever imagined. The open song "Boy Racer" made me hear a strong and lovely voice, the charming Moz voice. He is getting old, but damn!, he looks so sexy, and so loveable. Wow!, he was on the stage like a poet, singing "I AM HATED FOR LOVING", I cried, I just could't help myself. And in the middle of "NOW MY HEART IS FULL" he walked towards the right side of the stage and put his hand down, AND I TOUCHED HIM, and I still can't believe I touched him, his hand, was warm, soft and full of tenderness. I touched twice, may be three times. Oh my God, I'm still smitten with him. You my lover. I fight against the bodyguards but, God! I was on the first line. He threw off two complety wet T-Shirts. I am deeply moved. Morrissey was generous, sung many SMITHS songs: "IT IS REALLY SO STRANGE", "SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD UNITE", "HALF A PERSON", "MEAT IS MURDER". He also song "TOMORROW", gosh!, "will I still be human?, Would you tell me that you love me?". "NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MOSTER". Morrisey your wonderful voice has not changed, your idols photos behind you was amazing. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. The National Auditorium was under your spell for this night. MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.MORRISSEY.

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