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Irvine, CA (Mar. 5, 2000)

The SHow/The fans

Posted By: Crystal
Date: Tuesday, Mar. 7 2000, at 4:01 a.m.

Personally i thought The SHOW was very good. The fans on the other hand... Thats a different story. We didnt get inside until Phantom Planet had already began singing so I sat Almost at the top. Once Morrissey came on i figured the crowd (who all looked bored) would liven up a bit and start Dancing or AT LEAST sing along. Anyway Noone around me seemed to be enjoying Themselves so I went to the floor.

That wasnt so bad.. except I think i was the only one who knew the song "Lost" (which by the way is a BEAUTIFUL song!)

I Really liked the songs he sang.. but only a few were different from the last show i saw in Ventura. Also i think the energy of both The crowd and Morrissey was alot better in Ventura. I was dissapointed he didnt sing SHOPLIFTERS as an encore since i was kind of expecting him to :-( I got teary eyed the first time i heard him sing LAST NIGHT I DREMPT.. But the 2nd and 3rd time was just repetitive. He deffinately needs a new encore.

Everyone seemed to really liven up after he sang November spawned a monster.

Anyway whats with all these guys who seem to come to the show JUST to hit on girls? I've only been a Morrissey fan for 2 years and Ive been to only 3 shows But At least i knew and sang to every song!! I hope these guys (and you know who you are) know they dont look cool sitting in their seats TRYING to look and dress like Morrissey's band.
Puh-leese! Well i didnt let them ruin my fun.. It was a very good show.. and great seeing Morrissey again! Lots of stage invaders and i cheered for every one of them. Ouch and i feel really sorry for those people in the pit!! I hope noone got broken bones :-o

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