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Irvine, CA (Mar. 5, 2000)

A sad state of affairs at UC Irvine

Posted By: I'll remain nameless
Date: Monday, Mar. 6 2000, at 10:23 p.m.

Arriving at nearly 5 in the morning on a very rainy, freezingly cold sunday to wait in line for a Morrissey concert and then end up in the row of seats in the back of the place is not my idea of a good time. But I guess I learned that the hard way, with the help of a few "fans".

There were quite a few people who had been waiting a long time. Since 12:30/1:30am! It was still dark when I got there. The security (after only a few hours of indecision) finally decided to line us up in the parking garage. (Even at that point there were people trying to cut in line!) And there we sat all day. There we sat listening to about 3 people blasting their radios, and about 5 people blasting their car stereos. It was a long, long day.

At about 6pm the security decided to start searching us and let us line up closer to the front door. They divided us into 3 lines. Ha ha. That was the end of it. Now people who were behind me in line were now in front of me in one of the 3 lines. Security started searching and about 10-15 people made it through and then the pushing started. No one cared that we waited 13 hours in line already (some even longer!). There were people who just arrived trying to get in line in front of me. The pushing was too much and the barrier fell down and everyone started running. By the time I made it to the top of the stairs there were at least 100 people in front of me. All of that for nothing. You know, even the most unintelligent of animals can stand in line. In this case I can safely say that those of you who might think Humans superior to animals have never stood in line at an LA Moz concert.

It was largely security's fault. They didn't have a plan for this. They did it all wrong. But these guys who thought it cool to push their way to the front are really to blame. I hope you got kicked in the head in the pit.

So I made my way to the back of the Bren Events center to watch the show. I was very tired, angry, and disappointed in human nature, which more than tainted my enjoyment of the show, but this is what I can recall about it:

The old intro tape was back! I liked it because it reminded me of the first leg(s) of the tour, and better shows. I missed songs like "Strawberry Fair" and "Millionaire" and "I wanna be a star".

The PVC suit again and "Moz Angeles" projected on the back screen. Same pictures projected as Universal. There wasn't too much of anything special in this show. The biggest shocker of the night came when Moz said "I have big balls; I can save you!" The crowd cheered. "I think I've said the wrong thing. Or perhaps the right thing. I think it was the right thing."
"Hello all my children!" (When he took the stage.) "Hello all my sexy children!"
"We still don't have a record deal. The American record companies hate us. And I must say that I find that very flattering."
"This next song is called 'Meat is Misery' because meat is misery, misery, misery. And if you eat meat you are eating misery, misery, misery. Hamburgers are misery, misery, misery. Did somebody say McDonald's?"
"Thank you so much for your generosity." Morrissey was very appreciative of the crowd all night. Saying things like "You are so kind", etc.
He asked Julia: "Where's Julia? Julia are you over there somewhere? Are you going to Chile? El Salvador? Uraguay? That's funny, I'm not going to Uraguay."
The band came back on stage for the encore and started playing a few bars without Morrissey. He finally took the stage in the West Ham shirt. He said "good bye, god bless you" and was gone.

And then I ran, not wanting to be around those people for one more second.

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