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Irvine, CA (Mar. 5, 2000)

Review of the show

Posted By: Nitin <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, Mar. 6 2000, at 9:27 a.m.

All in all, it was a pretty good show. I had shown up with two friends of mine who weren't Moz fans, and they had a much better time than when we had gone to Coachella back in November. We arrived a little after 8pm to catch the band "Phantom Planet", which was really probably the worst Morrissey opener I have ever seen. They sounded like just another band trying to sound like Oasis. And that's not a very laudable goal. Their highlight came when they covered the Cars' "Just What I Needed" as their last tune. The crowd, already brewing and restless, actually took interest in this, and many of us sang along. I was hoping that this song was going to be a prelude for Moz himself to throw in some covers, but alas, we were not fortunate enough to visit the "Drive In Saturday".

As the lights dimmed, the words "Moz Angeles" appeared on the overhead screen. Rather than the traditional "Operation" opening, the band came out and immediately began to play. His Mozness and friends arrived in tight leather jackets and tight leather pants (I think they were leather) for the opening songs "Swallow on My Neck", "Ouija Board", "Tomorrow", "Hairdresser on Fire" among others. Then he was back to the traditional white collar shirt, cufflinks, and jeans. He was very talkative to the audience, thanking them repeatedly for their loyalty, remarking how he was still without a label but to hell with them all, chanting "Me-hi-co" when we chanted "Morrissey". If you have been to earlier Morrissey shows you may not have heard the bongo version of "Boxers", the subtle "Hated for Loving", and the b-sides "Lost" and "I Can Have Both" which are relatively recent additions. I was hoping for "The More You Ignore Me..." was disappointed that he still played "The Teachers..." and was generally thankful "Maladjusted" was left out entirely. I was able to make my way to the front row of the pit, and although I was annoyed with all of the crowd surfing, etc., I was impressed with security's general helpfulness - they were practically helping people onto the stage. Moz was also being very interactive with the audience - shaking hands, either attempting to touch those who couldn't make it onto the stage before security caught them, or deliberately ignoring them altogether. But to that degree it seems like he was simply playing to the front row, and I can imagine how those sitting way back in the seating areas were probably feeling ignored. By the end of the show, Moz was still in great spirits, exclaiming that "I'd love to sleep with all of you, but there isn't enough time! Or is there enough time? No... there isn't enough time!" I think it was (but I can't be sure) Johnny Bridgewood who yelled at the end of the show, "Without you, we're nothing!" Then why don't you play a second encore, guys?All in all, a great show. Thank God Morrissey did not take his shirt off, despite the repeated cajoling of some girl behind me.

Songs I remember were played, but not in this order: Swallow, Ouija Board, Tomorrow, Hairdresser, I Can Have Both ("S-i-q-u-e!"), Boxers, Hated for Loving, Is it Really, The Teachers, Half a Person, Meat is Murder ("Misery! Misery! Misery!"), Billy Budd, November Spawned, Lost, Heart is Full (I think?), Last Night (encore) maybe one more. Good fun. He sounded great, the band played well. He loves all of us dearly. Well, we love him too and wish him the best.

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