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Irvine, CA (Mar. 5, 2000)

Thoughts about Some People Who Attended The UCI Show

Posted By: Robert S
Date: Tuesday, Mar. 21 2000, at 10:16 a.m.

To all of you who have been crying about rebels attending the concert, get a life!!!! You people who are complaining are the real freaks. I'm glad rebels attend Morrissey shows. In case you didn't notice....rebels made up the majority of the crowd. Is this what is so upsetting to you guys???? Maybe you would like to see more homosexuals or something...Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! Burn.

I have herd all your discriminations' based on how rebels "are not even familiar with his music." ...Biggest Falacy yet...try again @ers. All my rebel friends probably know most of Morrisseys' songs...including B-sides. It is this amazing band and music which most rebels embrace...go figure. Oh..yeah, to that brave soul who had the balls to say how much he HATED rebels, talking so much shi@, i'm mex, you rebels burn, blah blah blah. Go eat a big one tuff guy...oh no, I take that back....on second thought, you might like that. Why dont you save your trash talking for the next show. Try bringing a bull horn so every body can here you.

To all you miserable & lonely rebel haters, cheer up. There is no justification for your bieng biased. Absolutely NONE!! The truth hurts huh...."Reader Meet Author."

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