"Moz Angeles" - backdrop projections

Proofs from Rob via Marilyn
As displayed in concert
(Universal City, CA - March 3, 2000 and Irvine, CA - March 5, 2000)

"Moz Angeles"
shown during intro / "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and outro / "My Way"

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"Morrissey" - shown in Mexico City (March 24)

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"West Ham Boys Club"
shown during "A Swallow On My Neck"

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Kirk Douglas in "Champion" (1949)
shown during "Boxers"

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Steve McQueen in "The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery" (1959)
shown during "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils"

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Bobby Moore
shown during "Now My Heart Is Full"

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Football Boys (Afore Skiddaw, Braithwaite V Lunesdale 1994)
shown during "Lost"

Image taken from "The Homes Of Football" collection. Information provided by Ray Woodward, Manager, The Homes Of Football:

The exhibition features the work of Football Trust/Foundation photographer Stuart Clarke, "The Pele of the football photography world" -- Total Football Magazine 1999. "Afore Skiddaw" is available as part of the HOF postcard series.

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West Ham Gates
shown during "Is It Really So Strange?"

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Terry Venables
shown during "Billy Budd"

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"English Martyrs"
shown during "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"

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