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Hamilton, ON (Feb. 16, 2000)

some other interesting tidbits and questions

Posted By: guillotine girl <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Feb. 17 2000, at 7:59 a.m.

did anyone else see the poor girl get punched down in the front? it was too surreal for words.
The poem that was being read was by Maya Angelou...it was very very surreal (i think the wordm for the evening was definitely...surreal!) talking about putting ones crusty fingers up someone elses arse...:o

"ouija board would you spin for me..."

He also mentioned something like "i hope your friends warned you that these songs are depressing..." or something like that.

and as for the person's comment "london ontario is @#!!!" ...i laughed immediately when moz said "he said it!!!" and laughed and said "I was born in london ontario" he made other references to other londons.

during hairdresser on fire he says " and you're just too busy...to kiss me...kissey kissey ooo ohhh" which charmed the pants off me.

and for now my heart is full, he sang "just some raincoated lovers puny sisters"

haha another thing that cracked me up is how he went on about not accepting any meat from "granny"...and that it's always the grannies that do it.

well that's about it for me...i got some cool pictures i think...i hope they come out well. Cheers to Rockabileigh for her suggestion on irc to put the camera in my bra! it really worked hehehe and the woman frisked me a lot too.

and no cheers to the girl with the bad attitude up front who assumes that people up in the rafters did not enjoy moz's music. al contraire. i was back in section O and i was dancing around....everyone around me was smiling and singing...some were sitting yes but they were still singing! :))) i love canada!

okay i'm rambling!!!
love you all from the bottom of my trousers,
guillotine girl

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