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Hamilton, ON (Feb. 16, 2000)

Panic in the streets of Hamilton...

Posted By: Jason G. <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Feb. 17 2000, at 6:26 a.m.

The set list snatched by Supa-Sta is slightly incorrect in that they
didn't play "Tomorrow" (unfortunately).

Below is the set list with *some* of Morrissey's comments/lyric changes and then a short review of the show.

1)swallow on my neck ("..same old Chatter...", "..there's nothing more to say")

2)hated for loving

3)ouija board (no S-T-E-V-E-N and some other lyrics cut)

4)billy budd (back to "12" years on)

5)november spawned a monster (...in the clothes that she went
out and Stole for herself...")

6)half a person (during a bridge ..."burn down the Hamilton disco")

7)hairdresser on fire (offers mic to audience member who says "London Ontario is @#!!!", to which Moz says "I was born in London...Ontario" and starts the song)

8)boxers (spike on bongos, "you wish the ground, would open up and take ME down", after - "...that didn't deserve an applause")

9)now my heart is full (acoustic lead-in, good crowd sing-a-long, "just some raincoated lover's...SISTERS")

10)meat is murder ("rape and slaughter supported by the gov't...but why?")

11)teachers are afraid of the pupils (much shorter, straight into heavy guitars)

12)is it really so strange? ("...this song is called 'Who the hell does Judge Judy think she is?!' -- says after "I'm glad some of you
remember the oldies...some of you ARE the oldies.")

13)i can have both (some confused looks, but a very good pairing
with is it really...)

14)alma matters

15)last night I dreamt...

16) shoplifters ("thank you...you've been very kind")

There were Plenty of other comments and funny moments that maybe
others can post.

The sound at Hamilton place is very good and Moz' voice was in
top form -- a lot more affectation than on the album cuts. Several
t-shirt changes ("why would you want it...it's sweaty and second-hand!"), then black button down shirt, then a velvet blazer for the

The concert got off to a bit of a slow start...to be honest, the
crowd was pretty tame & lame beyond the first 10 rows. Because everyone around me was so quiet I felt almost obtrusive when I yelled and sang along.

Best moments of the night:

Last Night I Dreamt...very emotionally performed, people clamoring on stage, hugging, bowing, scrambling, etc. Maybe 20 people for the
whole show.

Moz asking a couple of audience members how they were and letting them talk.

Alan playing guitar with his mouth.

Boz performance on Meat Is Murder.

Spike getting his own cheer after coming down from the drum kit.

Guy who got on stage and went down on one knee in front of Moz.

Someone calling Alan over at the very end to say something which
obviously pleased him.

Lots of other stuff...bittersweet show -- seemed like the last for
Canada maybe.



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