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Detroit, MI (Feb. 13, 2000)

a pithy review

Posted By: willnevermarry
Date: Monday, Feb. 14 2000, at 9:33 a.m.

It took me four long hours to make my way up to Detroit--I live in Columbus. It rained all the way. After getting lost in Toledo and Detroit I somehow found myself at the show. I entered a few minutes before the opening band was to play. The state theatre is absolutely gorgeous. It looks very antiquated and slighty gothic. There were statues of knights thatched to the wall, and a beautiful thick red curtain that framed the stage. Unfortunately, my seat was a good twenty rows from the stage. Verbow, whom I have seen before when they opened up for sleater-kinney--took the stage at around seventy thirty. They played a few tracks from their old disc(a pretty good Cd) and a few from their up coming albumn. Oddly enough, the crowd seemed to warm to them. Their sound is similar to Bufflo Tom, Teenage Fanclub, etc. They left after a half-and hour, and then Morrissey's select tunes started to play over the speakers--Nico, that Bonnie and Clyde song, one of the oprea songs from "live in Dalles" and a bunch of seventies punk. I had the "pleasure" of seating next to two girls(I hope your reading this) who complained about Morrissey for twenty minutes straight. They were absolutely nasty, and well trained at the art of looking self-important and bored with everything. Anyway,
Morrissey finally came on--he entered with the James Bond theme blasting away; he looked rather suave. He had a smoking jacket on, complete with a white oxford shirt and jeans. The rest of the band had blue west-ham club shirts on. Boz and Alain looked very nice. Morrissey said something about being english and dirty(funny) and they launched into "Swallow on my neck." He seemed rather relaxed and talkative. He made cracks about Jerry Springer, which did not go over very well, and he mentioned Detroit's hockey team. He seemed a bit stiff out there; I suppose that comes with age. "hated for loving" sounded wonderful. "ouijia board" sounded like, well, "ouija board--Morrissey(to me) has always chosen the oddest songs to play live. The crowd was really into the show; a bunch of people managed to fight their way onto the stage; Morrissey was rather helpful in their endeavors. The cheers were subded for the more obscure tracks, particularly for "lost" I love this song, but I don't think it translates very well live. Some idiot took upon himself to cast a cup full of beer at Morrissey. A girl handed Him a bouquet of flowers, which he promptly tossed into the crowd--she was not very happy with this. I loved the acoustic version of "boxers" and "half a person." "Now my heart is full" seemed kind of tepid to me. I think "hairdresser on fire" was the highlight of the show. Morrissey kept taking of his shirts, rubbing himself with them and tossings them to the audience. He looks very buff, like a football player. "Teachers.." was very powerful, and "meat is murder" had a great deal of punch. He had a little diatribe against "Mckillking," which I took much delight in. He finished with "shoplifters." After the show, it took twenty mintures to find my car(who cares), and another six to get home. The damn highways were paved with ice. All in all, a wonderful show. Much better than the thirty minutes I got during the "malajusted" tour. Sorry about the brevity review; I am very tired, and I need to go to bed

On to Akron.

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