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Curitiba, Brazil (Apr. 1, 2000)

Re: "it's a dream to be here" -

Posted By: Carla <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, Apr. 3 2000, at 5:23 a.m.

In Response To: "it's a dream to be here" - a review (Fabricio)

> I thought I would cry when I saw him the first time. But he was smililing, and looking so happy, and he was so hilarious, I just laughed a lot, through the whole show. I was in the front,and there were like 5 people in front of me. Lots of them carrying flowers, which they threw to Moz, and that he them threw back to the audience. The ligths on the stage were so good. And Meat is murder, with the set all red, was a stunning, magical scene, i won't forget.This song, was really a spectacle.
The songs that played before the show, i had never heard before, but they were damn good.
I am soooo excited, i am not also in a common state of mind...

After Hairdresser..., he said "this is a dangerous song, for dangerous people like u (and pointed to somebody in the crowd), and u (again), and me, and Alan..." After the next song, he said "gracias, oh, no it's not it, ... obrigado", which was really cute. Because "gracias"is in spanish, and it was his first show in Brazil, and we speak portuguese, and thnks is "obrigado" in my language.
A person showed him a pic, of him, and he said, oh, I look terrible in that picture. And later smbody showed the newspaper pic, and he said that one was nice.
There was a tall guy, that was really a pain . He was behind me screaming "this charming man", and then he was very close to the satge, and Moz was trying to undrestand what he was saying ( i suppose he was still screaming the name of the song, but Moz could not hear and said, sorry, u got to get your own microphone", and left , w/ a look in his eyes as "what a nut...".So, the joke was about this guy, and not julia.
The sentence ! que desmadre! means, what a mess!
M. jetted 3 t shirts to the public, and the second one, he rubed in his body, put it into his jeans, smelled it, looked w/ a grin to the audience and then jetted it, and, man, it was so hilarious!
I had never seen a video of a show. I did not know what to expect. I thought he would be very histrionic, and thetrical, and he was exactly like that. A real enterteiner,playing w/ the microphone's cord, smiling a lot, he knead to get close to the audience lots and lots of times, everybody who was on the first line, and second, and third could take his handa. I had never ever seen such a sweet, caring, nice, accessible artist on a stage. He was so Human! (laughing). He was definetly not an icon, he seemed not to take seriously at all the mith like aura around him, but to make fun of it.
Really, i never saw such a nice guy on a stage. He was so pleased to be there...and the audience was very nice to him too, it was a celebration mood.
The day after, i was so pleased... I got on my knees and thanked the Lord , for giving me the money to buy his albuns, the show ticket, the opportunitty to know such beautiful songs, the opportunity to be there, w/ people who were all feeling so damn happy to be a part of that night. It was such a happy, peaceful night, everything seemed to be so much at its place, and all my life seemed to be in order. First I felt "now my heart is full" i could not stop smiling. Fool me!!! and now i'm feeling like when u r reading a great book, and its story becomes part of your life, and when it ends, u feel like your life ended too... it's a loss feeling. Something sooo nice happened, and ended, and now i am lost.I need another great book...(smiling)
this is a nice moment of my life.

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