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Chicago, IL (Feb. 12, 2000)

Out-of-order, possibly incomplete and error-filled set list&thoughts...

Posted By: Such Bloody Awful Poetry
Date: Sunday, Feb. 13 2000, at 5:05 a.m.

OK, I remember the first few songs and the last few, but it's a little hazy around the middle, so if I forgot anything, please understand...

Swallow on my Neck
I Am Hated For Loving
Ouija Board, Ouija Board (!!)
Billy Budd
Half A Person
Is It Really So Strange?
I Can Have Both
Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils ("from that album none of you bought")
Now My Heart Is Full
Meat Is Murder
Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
Encore: Shoplifters of the World

I missed the faux-leather, I missed "You're Gonna Need Someone...", I missed "Speedway", but on the whole, this was probably the second-best Moz show I've seen (next to the Aragon one in '97, which will always be special because it was the first time I saw him live after years of waiting). Of course, I'm sure the "true fans" will find plenty to gripe about and whine that- heaven forfend- somebody didn't sing along to each and every last song, but then again I don't think they'd be satisfied by anything less than a 10-hour personal concert that tracks through Morrissey's entire recording career followed by a brief symposium on Wilde and capped off by oral sex. On the whole, the set list was much stronger than it was the other night, the wisecracks were still great (although fewer in number than the Thursday show), and they actually played a Bona Drag song I don't mind (oh yeah, I still wish it were Interesting Drug, Will Never Marry, Last of the Famous... or Picadilly Palare, but oh well). My only real, serious complaint is not levelled at the band or the fans, but rather the Metro Mafia, who displayed the same shameful goonishness that caused the Bollweevils to boycott the club so many years back. I attempted to jump on stage and they stopped me, which I was not happy about but more than understood. Then they started reading me the riot act. I was just like "Dude, OK, you won. Leave me alone so I can enjoy the encore". Oh well. At least I was there to Hi-5 the fortunate ones who were being tossed off staged by the thugs.

...and remember, they're not as good as Limp Bizkit, so be gentle on them.

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