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Boston, MA (Feb. 20, 2000)

southpaw grammar

Posted By: Rob <[email protected]>
Date: Saturday, Feb. 26 2000, at 10:09 a.m.

I was at the sunday show, and I loved it. Unfortunately, prior to the show, some of the fans at the show decided to be @#!!!s, and started a fight. This surprised me, considering it was at a Morrissey show. Aren't we all supposed to be too depressed to fight? What's with the belligerance? In any case, I feel like I should share this story, because I think Morrissey fans have a right to know some of the stuff that goes on at concerts they attend:

I was standing relatively near the stage, on the left side. Just before the show started. Just before the show started, a group of about eight people decided to try to push their way up to the front. We were packed pretty tight, so we were annoyed that these people were trying to push us out of our rightful spots just to get to the front. A tall, black guy in front of me refused to give up his spot for the group, and this prompted one girl and him to engage in some sort of verbal conflict. She eventually slapped him and attempting to punch him, but he refused to move, saying that "this is a Morrissey concert," and that they shouldn't fight.

The girl's boyfriend (also in the group) was doing a half-assed job of trying to hold her back, realizing that if he had done the right thing and actually prevented her from harassing this guy, he wouldn't have gotten any that night. Of course if he had jumped in on her side, he could've gotten his ass kicked by the big guy.

Eventually the girl attempted to strangle the guy, and he lost it and attempted to grab her by the neck. At this point the guy and one of the girl's friends were taken aside by workers at the club for questioning. I think the guy got thrown out. All of us in the vicinity of the fight were disappointed, because even though he shouldn't have responded physically, the girl clear picked the fight. Under the circumstances, he showed remarkable physical restraint.

So in summary, a guy that got to the show early to get a good spot ended up getting kicked out because a selfish fan was angry that he was tall and blocking her view, and that he wouldn't give up his spot. I believe the person standing behind me summed the event up best when they said, "this didn't happen at the Primus show." Morrissey isn't supposed to inspire violence. Didn't he write "Asian Rut" about this kind of thing? I was under the impression that the people I would see at my first Moz show would be cool. Most of them were, but the fight sort of soured me on Morrissey fans. That kind of stuff shouldn't happen.

ps - Obviously my opinion is biased, and I don't have all the facts about the fight. If anyone out there has a difference of opinion about what happened, please post, especially if you were involved in the fight or were in the vicinity of it. I'd like to know more details, and I'm sure Morrissey fans in general would like an accurate account of what happened.

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