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Boston, MA (Feb. 20, 2000)

Moz.. Boston Avalon Feb.20th review

Posted By: Scott and Sharon <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Feb. 24 2000, at 3:37 p.m.


It been a few years but he's back.... wittier than ever

The Avalon, Boston Mass. February 20th, 2000

Sharon and I have to say the Moz concert was one of the best we have ever
seen. We were about 20 feet from him in the Avalon in Boston on Sunday,
February 20th and he was so into the show. Out of the countless performances
prior we have to say that he was more alive and talking/commenting to the
crowd than all other times we have seen him combined. Stating himself
"...every line's a zinger..."

As the show began he came out in what appeared to be grown leather pants and
a brown leather shirt and then proceeded to say "...welcome to part two of
the PVC extravaganza...." and then began to sing the B-side 'a swallow on my

No record contract, hence no tour funding and still selling out concerts
strictly thorough word of mouth. (many thanks to the internet). On this note
Morrissey stated that he "...does not belong to the music scene....what is
the music scene?....." (maybe he will be signed to Roadrunner where the
opening act The Sheila Divine [excellent opening local band..get their debut
CD] has recently signed. A Japanese guy in the front row had a cardboard
sign that stated MOZ #1 in Japan, Morrissey chuckled and stated"..oh really "
and actually smiling.

Moz was constantly making jokes, introducing songs, mocking himself "well I
am 72 you know.." We were in Boston home of SeaFood, Morrissey first stated
that "...some people still give in to murderous traditions but some of us do
not... " he then proceeded to sing 'Meat is Murder' following the song he
stated "....there is no such thing as seaFood... only seaLife , don't be
tricked..." As it was Sunday Morrissey stated "...shouldn't you be in
church?...shouldnt I be in church?....oh...We ARE in church.....". People
were handing him books, flowers, CDs, shirts etc..after receiving numerous
books he stated "..you keep giving me books don't you realize I can't

On another note the band members were all wearing T-shirts, which I did not
see for sale, that said English Martyrs and had a crest of some sort in the
center. Morrissey was also wearing a shirt that stated west ham boys club
with a crest in the center??

Looking amazingly happy and carefree, Morrissey was so into the show stating
that "...I am not feeling myself tonight......actually, I am.." He
continued his dramatic falls to the floor and reaching out to the audience,
on at least 10 occasions he urged the bouncers to allow those struggling to
get on stage to actually get on stage, permitting people to hug him and
whisper private messages into his ear. As more and more people attempted to
get on stage he stated that "...this is quite like the Jerry Springer
show..." he also continued..why I don't know, to say that someone should
slap Montel Williams across the face and that enough is enough..???"

While singing 'Hairdresser on fire he changed the words a bit fooling around
"....when he said I'm gonna screw you ..oh I felt so happy for you...." and
"...stoned around sloan square...", there were other lyric changes that do
not come to mind. ( but may)

The set list was absolutely amazing, now with no record contract and no
promotion Moz is singing songs we may have not heard in the past. Before he
sang 'half a person' he stated that "...we should not forget the old
songs...I will not let you forget them..." By the end of the night he had
sang 5 Smiths songs in perfect form.

On a few occasions he removed his shirt in classic Moz style and hurled it
into the audience so those in the audience could rip it up and take a piece
home. After throwing one blouse Morrissey stated "careful, don't manhandle
that shirt it's cheap you know..."

The concert ended with Moz in a blue sailor suit (sailors and Boston go
together) singing 'Last night I dreamt somebody loved me' and 'shoplifters of
the world unite and take over' Between the songs he stated the suit "..was a
bit tight now but it would do.. "

Overall an amazing show definitely geared for the fan with only a few songs
being major singles with broad recognition (tomorrow for example). We are
looking forward to seeing hi at the Roseland and at the Becon over the next
few days. If all goes well we will get a mini review together for those
shows as well.

Here is the set list, on a side note I saw a listing someone mentioned that
the setlists taped to the monitors and the floor had shoplifters denoted as
SHIRTlifters... Long live the MOZ

1. A swallow on my neck
2. Ouija board, Ouija board
3. Tomorrow
4. Hairdresser on Fire
5. Now my heart is full
6. Half a person
7. Lost
8. I am hated for loving
9. Billy budd
10. Boxers
11. Meat is Murder
12. I can have both
13. The teachers are afraid of the pupils
14. Is it really so strange?
15. Break up the family
16. Last night I dreamt somebody loved me
17. Shoplifters of the world unite and takeover (encore)

...when the concert ends he has the DJ play 'my way' By Sinatra, so
absolutely perfect for a concert where Morrissey is definitely out to please
his loyal fans and do everything as it should be.. His way

Scott & Sharon

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