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Boston, MA (Feb. 20, 2000)

Sunday 2/20 in BOSTON

Posted By: Watt White <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, Feb. 21 2000, at 4:58 p.m.

GREAT SHOW! Loads of energy in the crowd and from Himself. LOTS of funny quips and one liners (He remarked: "They're all zingers") He came back onstage from a costume change and said he just had to run out to put more money in the meter, and that he "only had another 20 minutes" left. Looked great in PVC suit and sailor outfit. I got my mitts on a 1/3 of his T-shirt, which he dramatically rubbed in his face and armpits before he tossed it crowdward. 3 of us guys struggled mightily for it, and after about 5 minutes during "Teachers Are Afraid..." we decided to tear it up evenly. I got a sleeve, with a "W" on it. I must admit, I noticed after the show that it smelled like him. Best musical moments: Meat is Murder sizzled with bloody red lighting and a sparse, rocking arrangement. I wanted so much to request "Cheesburger In Paradise" right after but..."Now My Heart Is Full" began acoustically and had the sweating throng swaying, reaching out vainly toward their hero. Moz was playful and energetic and looked amazing. Best moment: Moz remarked "It's Sunday...shouldn't you be in church?...shouldn't I be in church...well, you ARE in church". Ah, our MOZsiah.

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