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Boston, MA (Feb. 19, 2000)

My thoughts on the first Boston show

Posted By: ann marie mcveigh
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 22 2000, at 7:51 p.m.

The Avalon is a pretty cool place. The bars were big, with neat purple lights. However, they really need to learn how to stock their bars properly, because it was exceedingly tiresome to be continually pushed out of the way by Avalon employees carrying cases of beer to the bars. Not only that, but there were guys walking around through the crowd with beer on ice, football-stadium style. That was also highly irritating. And these Bostonians liked to drink. A lot. But, anyway.

The Sheila Devine are okay. They could've been worse, I suppose. The singer's voice is nice, except when he starts screaming. I could've done without the screaming bit. They came on stage at 7pm and were done by about 7:30. Morrissey made it to the stage at about 8:10pm

Morrissey walked on stage to the James Bond music (I loved it!) and yelled "Hello Beantown!" The crowd was enthusiastic. He opened with "A Swallow on My Neck". This is a great song, but I don't think it's the strongest opener. I really like "You're gonna need.." better. Even "Boy Racer" would've been good. "Boy Racer" didn't even make it onto the setlist at all. I never thought I would miss that song, but I kinda did. Ouija Board sounds great live, much to my surprise. Moz didn't sing the "S.T.E.V.E.N..." part, but just sort of mumbled/hummed through it. Boxers with the Bongos sounds great, too. I like to see Spike up front. He's cool. The new "Now my Heart is Full" acoustical beginning is nice, but Morrissey highers his voice a bit, and it sounds a bit strange.

He mentioned something about the Pittsburgh show. He said something like "If anything goes wrong, we'll blame it on Pittsburgh, We'll blame everything on Pittsburgh". And he said something about the Pittsburg germs, which is weird because we are under the impression that Moz's back had gone out, not that he caught a cold or something. Well, who knows. He didn't seem to be in any pain. Near the beginning of the show, a couple songs in, some guy got on stage and wouldn't let go of Morrissey. Morrissey was so far on the ground to the stage, that I couldn't see him from where I was standing. It looked like the guy must be laying on top of him. When the guy was finally dragged off Moz said "he made his point" and then said "there are too many rough women."

Before Meat is Murder, he did the "Just say no!" bit again. I didn't get the impression from the crowd's reaction that Meat is Murder is one of their favorite songs. It seems as though Alain thinks he should be talking to the crowd now. He said something a couple of times. Once he said "you think we're perverts" (!) or something like that to which Moz said "do you disagree?". I don't know what that was all about. Can somebody clear that up?

He spoke to Julia again. He said "this is Julia's mother" and held the microphone down to Julia into which she said "hello [morrissey?] welcome to Boston." Morrissey then said, "everyone applaud Julia", but no one did. I don't think most people knew who the hell she was.

For the encore, Moz came out in a blue t-shirt that looked like it had something written on it in red glitter. I couldn't make out what it said. Does anybody know?

As for the "thick-necks" as someone else called them: I was standing next to a couple of these thick-necks during the show and they were all wasted, but knew almost all of the songs, including "swallow" and "boxers", which is sometimes lost on some people. They were more than nice to me, and were more into the show than most of the people I was around, who were just talking to each other near the bar, not even watching Morrissey. So some thick-necks are better than others, I guess.

Anyway, this is very long. You may now read my review of Sunday's show, if you can stand it!

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