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Boise, ID (Feb. 5, 2000)

Boise Show

Posted By: J.B. <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, Feb. 6 2000, at 4:53 p.m.

My first Moz experience - quite interesting. I was amazed at how many people there were from all over the U.S. and talked to a handful around me on the barrier who had followed him for a half dozen or more shows on this tour. First time I've ever seen a performer stop a song he wasn't happy with (I Can Have Both), but it did sound pretty far off key and out of tune. Moz was disappointed with the turnout and said "Did you really think we'd sell out? We did". The show was about 200 tickets short of a sellout I think. He got some digs into Boise (maybe?) by quoting some remarks MTV had made about the town and then said "Everything MTV says is true, you know". The concert was not particularly well-promoted and happened the night after the Smashing Pumpkins played an accoustic set at a local record store which was hyped BIG and the week before a solo stop by Chris Cornell from Seattle. Nevertheless the crowd seemed to have a great time throwing Bananas during Boy Racer and holding signs of "You Are" during Breakup the Family. No one got on stage although many tried, particularly during the Shoplifters encore (quite an amazing site). My wife's neck is incredibly sore from a girl who stood behind me all night at the barrier who basically fell directly on top of my wife's head. All in all a great show - probably the one and only time I'll ever see Moz...

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