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Akron, OH (Feb. 14, 2000)

Valentine's day show in Ohio

Posted By: James Bondage <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2000, at 3:39 p.m.

The great Mozzer himself displays why he is the single greatest male performer of our time. I am continually amazed at his longevity and his constant ability to write thought provoking and often times brilliant lyrics. From reel around the fountain to boxers, the music as well as the lyrics are mesmerizing. I have everything in Morrissey's collection including all solo works as well as all the Smith's material. I have seen him now only four times and trust me when I tell you that, that is nowhere near enough. When I arrived in the city of Akron, I kept wondering why he did not schedule a show in Cleveland. Hopefully he will do another show, and this time it will be in Cleveland. The show in Akron though was amazing. He opened with swallow on my neck and ended with shoplifters. It was basically the same show he did when he was at the metro in Chicago. Now my heart is full, boxers, and half a person were all amazing. Alma Matters was also incredible. There is so much he can play though that you could see him a hundred times and not fit all the brilliant material in to one show. He seemed uncharacteristically happy as he actually brought people on stage, and clearly enjoyed all the glory he was recieving. I was right there in the second row and at one point our eyes met and he kindly asked me why I was staring , and wryly smiled as he slowly turned away and flew into I can have both,explaining that the song was about ice cream and being able to have strawberry an vanilla, ice cream nothing more nothing less. Mozz is an enigma and will always be ahead of his critics. People tend to criticize what they do not understand. It's nothing new, but Morrissey's innate ability to transcend and persevere is truly inspiring. If there was one thing lacking at this show it was long time drummer Spencer Cobrin. He is one hell of a drummer and was missed. Morrissey however was able to overcome that with a brilliant performance aided by Gary Day, Boorer, and the fabulous Alain Whyte who collaborates with Mozz on some of his best solo stuff. They were all quite ripping. Do I hope that Morrissey and Marr get back together for a tour. You bet, and trust me when I tell you this as we speak is in the works. What is so apparent though is that whether it is the Smiths or Morrissey solo, Mozzer is the driving force behind the magic. Do I want to hear Marr's amazing riffs while Mozzer croons handsome devil you better believe it, but I will be just as happy watching Morrissey sing Lost or Southpaw.

All of the rumors keeping him grounded he never said that they were completely unfounded. I am truly hated for loving.

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