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Akron, OH (Feb. 14, 2000)

Bondage...James Bondage!!!

Posted By: eric (veganXboy)
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 15 2000, at 7:37 p.m.

And with that (after the James Bond Intro music) our boy lept into the best and most chatty set of recent memory.

Most folks have been pretty good with details, but one clarification is necessary...the comment about the animal humane society was made to a fellow in the front who had actually LEFT is dog in his car for the duration of the set...this fellow had spoken with Moz out back of the venue and Moz had played with the pooch...kind of harsh to be scolded in front of 2,000 people, but definitly necessary.

At one point Moz picked up a bunch of Gladiollia that were thrown on stage, acted like he was reading something on it and said "Property of Akron cemetery...Thank you!" ... I bought those flowers and gave them to a wonderful woman who was a few rows from the front who threw them up for me!

Highlights were definitly

Meat Is Murder...simply amazing

Now My Heart Is Full...the best I've ever heard it...sung slightly higher...oh, before they played it he said I know you want a touch of grunge!" and then they started in.

Boxers...new sounding and wonderful

and of course....I Can Have Both...not too many folks seemed to know it but afterward he said "That song was about Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream...you see i can have BOTH strawberry AND vanilla ice cream."

At one point Alian said "I just want to say one thing...Where are all of your Valentines for Morrissey?"

The lads were in GREAT form...Boz rocked out so super hard...jumping all over the place and Dary Day was on the floor with Moz at one point! Truly amazing. Spike was very good and the bongo thing on Boxers was wonderful...a slight Mexican feel with acoustic guitar (?)

All in all it was an AMAZING show and well worth everything (cost, travel, snowstorms) we went through for it!

The Merchandise was great...3 (?) shirts...the hats (which are SMASHING!!!) posters and fridge magnets...and Pillow cases!

I have it on good accord that the scarves to go with the hats were held up at customs but are on their way.

Excellent show...I can't wait till Pittsburgh!!!!!

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