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Akron, OH (Feb. 14, 2000)

The Deal on the Akron Show

Posted By: CARY <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 15 2000, at 4:52 p.m.

well first off the venue was kinda neat in it's decor and layout but one thing really hurt it - the orchestra pit in the front.
There was a railing that created this sudo-barrier between row A and the stage. There was about 4 rows of folding chairs in the pit, full of a strange mix of people. But all in all just a real waste of space, that detracted from the show.
The security sucked. Kid Rock fans and local gym rejects who obviously had no idea who was performing or what he was about.

So apart from that, the show was great. The setlist was the same as Detroit with a few re-arrangements, and no Lost.
Ouja Board sounded nice, Hairdresser was really grand, and the Smiths tunes were amazing, esp. Half A Person and Shoplifters!

Morrissey was VERY CHATTY tonight! He walked on to the stage to a James Bond Soundtrack and said, "The name's Bondage, James Bondage",
"Welcome to our Valentine's Day Massacre"! - "Here's a song we will massacre"! The band launched into Swallow.

Some other tid-bits of Moz speak where...

"Thanks for the belt, but you see, I liked the idea of my pants falling down". (someone gave him a belt wrapped up in a heart-shaped box.

he saw a spitting image of himself and said, "Do you know who you are?, I'm going to report you to the people for the ethical treatment of animals. I have a mobile phone. I'm calling them now".

before Meat....
"I know this is really rough farmland....(4X)
after Meat....
"what I was trying to say is that, I know this is really rough farmland but if there is a difference between, racism, torture, homophobia, and murder....someone please let me know."

There was soooo much more that was said, he was super animated and in great spirits. If it wasn't for the venue set-up in the front, it would have been a 10. But it was a great show! - See you in Pittsburgh.


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